EMC Racktor
Easy and eficient midi controller for DAW. Available with cool,usefull and fully customisable presets.
Available in two versions : ST for tablets and CK for mobiles Android. For more informations go on the website : Easy Music Creator

ST : 5
CK : 3

Loto Fun
The funniest lotto numbers generator.
Lotto as if your were there !

Euromillion Compatible


Smart Voice Dialer 3
Just say your contact name in order to call him.

Bluetooth Compatible.

3 days trial version
Complete version : 1.28 USD

Yet Another Sudoku !
Unlimited auto generate grids.
Inifinite combinations..



-- Windows PC Users --

NEW: Here is the new version for Windows EMCdesktop (easier to use), Below, the 32-bit and 64 EMCdesktop that connects to PC via bluetooth, it requires Java installed to run:

To use it, you must first install LoopMidi by Tobias Erichsen - No need to run it, only the drivers are used-.

In most of cases, you'll need to update the bluetooth driver of your PC because the Windows native one is not enough.

-- Mac and Linux users --

Below, the 32-bit and 64 EMCdesktop that connects to Mac or Linux EMC via bluetooth, it requires Java installed to run:

To connect EMCdesktop software MAO, you must pass through a "virtual cable", I think Alsa should do the trick on Linux.

-- Mac users --

For Mac users, here's a little video tutorial to create virtual MIDI ports.

Late info : Exemple of working configuration (but only for playing notes or pads)

Fruity Loop Studio settings

In order to use correctly the transports functions (play/rec/stop/forward/rewind), EMC use the Tascam US-428 settings.

So you just have to set the midi input in FL Studio to Tascam US-428 in order to directly map your midi settings.

Here is the midi setting to use :

Using Ableton Live

Here is midi settings to use (you must launch Ableton Live only once EMCDesktop has been launched) :

EMC is not only intended to be used for sending Midi signals but even for interpreting input Midi signals.

Indeed, EMC pads own colors code matching the Ableton Live status :

Don't hesitate to send me any feedback, or ask me if you have any questions.

Hope you'll enjoy your EMC experience :)